Original Smashed & Rolled Ice Cream




Our ice cream has a uniquely smooth and fun texture. Because of our distinctive freezing technique, we are able to create ice cream that is creamy and smooth by balancing the size of ice crystals and air in the ice cream. Customizing your order with mix-in ingredients, such as fresh fruits or your favorite candy bar, enhances your experience, giving you a texture you’ll keep coming back for.



How it's made

The process starts by pouring our premium ice cream base with your choice of mix-in ingredients on our custom designed metal plate that can get as cold as -15 degrees Fahrenheit. We then use metal paddles to quickly chop and smash the ingredients together and spread it into a thin layer. In just two minutes, the ice cream firms up and it’s scraped into chubby rolls, ready to serve. 





If you prefer to use your creativity, you can mix and match our flavor, mix-in, topping and sauce. We will make the ice cream base of your choice with your favorite ingredients right in front of you within minutes. With this customization, every cup will be unique and perfectly matched with your liking.

7 ice cream base flavors + 20 mix-in ingredients + more than 32 toppings = endless opportunities to challenge your creativity. 


About I-CE-NY

In 2011, rolled ice cream or smashed ice cream was firstly introduced to the world under the brand "I-TIM-PAD" (or ไอติมผัด in Thai). The company quickly stormed Thailand with 30 franchise vendor locations in the first six months.

Now, it’s grown to over 250 locations all over Thailand, and Asia continent including Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia etc. In 2015, we’ve crossed the Pacific and established our first store in New York City, called I-CE-NY. 


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NEW YORK Location 

101 Macdougal St.
New York, NY 10012

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Since opening in the US, we have received very warm welcome from New Yorkers and we are so thankful for that. We are originally from Thailand, but we plan to expand to all around US and all around the world

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